Some thoughts on Wellness

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We are all familiar with the concept of wellness in the workplace.  It is a condition increasingly measured and worked upon in organisations.

The “wellness movement” began with a focus on physical health – with emphasis on diet, exercise, and work- life balance.   However as it became evident that individual health was also impacted by such factors as work-stress, expectations, relationships and team-building, and general engagement in an enterprise, work on organisation wellness has morphed into a focus on a wider range of elements. These can now include support networks, working conditions, coping skills and resilience, leadership style and management practices, levels of autonomy and social support.  Wellness at work certainly equates with feeling valued and valuing others at work.

Having said this, is there something else we might call ”career wellness” – especially as this relates to specialist roles like those of HR leaders?   Is it possible to be doing the right things and being part of a highly engaged organisation, but yet individually feeling that there is no strong career path or career growth feasible for you?  Is it possible to be individually unfulfilled, whilst working in a generally pretty “well” organisation?

Of course this can occur.

Your role may be partially one of standing back, and working “on” elements of the organisation, rather than “in” the organisation delivering client outcomes, leading large teams and clearly more enmeshed in what it does.  And this may be a contributing factor in feeling low in “career wellness” space.

Given my background in human resource management, and Macfarlan Lane’s interface with many organisations is often largely through a leader of people and capital – I thought we should dig a little into the real world of P&C leaders.  We should find out what leaders in this profession really think and feel today.  Hence, we have a new survey being undertaken by a good number of fellow travellers.

If you like to be a part of this work – and of course receive directly the insights it delivers – click here – for a plunge into the exhilarating bits and dark parts of your role – and how well your peers feel right now – as individuals, as members of senior management and in terms of “career wellness”.

I think we should step back and examine our own journey from time to time, and this exercise might just provoke some thinking on your part.  This has been a tough decade for those in our profession.