“There is no question in my mind that a less personalised, and more prescriptive program would not have worked for me. Having had the opportunity to look in a variety of directions, I now feel more comfortable that I have headed in the right direction with my current decision, but more importantly, I hold no fear of changing direction again in the future”.

Head of Client Services for a trustee company within the financial services sector

“I used the services of Macfarlan Lane over a five month period …, following displacement from an Executive role in a large domestic bank.  My experience of this period of career transition has only been very positive because of the excellent support provided by Macfarlan Lane.  Their information, processes and personal support were invaluable in understanding what I needed to focus on to secure a new role outside of my previous employer”.

Financial services professional with expertise in trustee services

“The main value added by Macfarlan Lane was in helping me test my business concept and in providing the framework for the establishment of my new business – with a number of discussions around administrative issues, business representation, long term equity arrangements and alliances.  It was good to have a completely objective source of advice in this period”.

Public Affairs and Investor Relations professional then working in food manufacturing sector

“I’m finding the whole process to be very useful and constructive.  (My consultant) is able to blend a set of structured “tools” and exercises with more general consulting expertise in this area, and it’s a good package.  I think it’s good that the firm is providing this, and I would recommend (my consultant) and Macfarlan Lane for senior people who are in a similar situation in terms of career transition”.

Partner, Professional Services Firm

From my first meeting with my consultant, I was impressed by the level of personal interest and the one-on-one relationship that was established.  The outplacement program was well structured and there were many meaningful discussions, along with good advice and encouragement provided during the time I enjoyed the service.  I have already recommended Macfarlan Lane to a former colleague and would happily continue to do so….”

Head of Credit Risk for a mid-tier bank

“Looking back, I had no real idea about the journey I was about to undertake.  I know the road ahead is still not certain and now don’t expect that it will ever be.  I have learned that I have skills that are valuable and transferable and also much better understand the value of networking, which I intend to make the effort to keep going.  A good network makes all the difference……. I found the real value of the service you provide (apart from resume preparation) to be access to calm, direct and decisive advice in time of need on my part.  For that, I will always be thankful.

Senior IT professional working in one of the big four retail banks

“At both a strategic and tactical level, the advice of my consultant was terrific.  Macfarlan Lane provided a “safe harbour”, a place to reflect and re-energise, and a constant stream of good advice and services….”

COO of a financial services organization

“I thought I was tough enough to cope with anything, but the truth is, without Macfarlan Lane, I would not have achieved the clear direction and identified the different choices I had when setting my new career path”.

Divisional head working in a large retail bank

“I was initially in shock at the news, but once I realised I was fully supported by Macfarlan Lane, my anxiety reduced. I have discovered exciting new opportunities and can see the light at the end of the tunnel”.

“I had been really focused only on my work – and working really hard – until suddenly the ground shifted and I was being assisted out of my organisation. All I had thought about, I guess, was that in a few years I would retire. Then when I turned my face in this direction, I realised that I was not ready to retire at all. At Macfarlan Lane I have been assisted to begin building a much more active alternative – a portfolio of activities, some quite stretching, and I can see that these interests are going to keep me going now and at the same time I expect to really enjoy myself…”

“I have learnt here a range of new essential things I need to put into place so that I will be much more effectively in control of my own career(s) and development going forward…”

“I suppose I had never really considered self-employment: it had seemed to involve too much risk and uncertainty. However the guidance and materials I was given, together with the ability in my coache(s) to provide some excellent advice and support around testing my business concept made this path steadily come into being. This is exactly what I want to be doing right now, and I feel that I have the right boundaries in place around risk management”.

“I was pretty shaken up losing a job and a career in which I had invested so much of myself. It was great being able to decompress, be supported as a human being and then be assisted to extract my signature strengths and capabilities and to consider where else I could apply these. I was then given really good assistance in getting into some new fields of work and in engaging with people in these areas”.

“I needed to pull back from all that I had been doing – but I also needed some structure, and I needed to learn about new fields of interest and new ways in which to construct a career. The support I have had has been terrific”.