Sideways To The Top

Sideways To The Top
10 Stories of Successful Women That Will Change Your Thinking About Careers Forever

Macfarlan Lane conceived this book and asked Norah Breekveldt to lead the project out of our passion for high quality career strategy advice.

Do women lead differently than men? Are they inherently more nurturing? Do women rely on the ‘women’s network’, and is there really a glass ceiling that needs breaking?

Sideways To The Top is a unique, thought-provoking book that addresses these questions along with other longstanding assumptions about women. It chronicles the experiences of 11 women leaders — some of whom are Australian icons — who challenged the status quo and took alternative career pathways to the top.

The book also features discussions on the realities and current issues facing women through conversations with and essays by experts in career transitions and gender differences.

Sideways To The Top brings case studies and expert analysis together into a practical checklist and action plan to help women navigate their careers and achieve success.

Macfarlan Lane’s career coaching for professional women program – Find Your Voice – takes its lead from the findings of the book. The experiences of those interviewed, their qualities, the initiatives they took and those whose advice they respected all contribute to some strong intelligence about career building for women.

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From the book:

A conversation Terri Janke might offer to her younger self: “I wish you would be comfortable in your own skin, and just run your own race and stop trying to fit in with what everyone else is doing, because you are perfectly imperfect with your scratchy black skin and your skinny body or runny nose, whatever. All of that stuff is just an obstacle and you can run your own race around it. Run around it. Don’t get bogged down in trying to seek other people’s approval or to fit in. Don’t worry about people trying to pigeonhole you: just be comfortable in your own skin”.

“Don’t be so naïve to think that there won’t be compromises in life. There will be compromises in life, but understand what is dear to you and don’t compromise on those things. On everything else, be flexible and open to other ways and ideas – yours is not always the right way.” Annwyn Godwin.

“You can’t control everything, but if you’re out there and you’re interested and you’re engaged, great opportunities come up.” Jane Fenton

“But it seems like women seem to be able to break…(the glass ceiling) …too. So I think, if you’re as good as you can be, I don’t think there is a glass ceiling. You know what. There’s always another business that there won’t be a glass ceiling there for you, so if you are limited, then move.” Jannine Ellis.

On the broader subject of diversity initiatives, BP’s Paul Waterman observes: “Word gets around, and the more you do, the better people feel. The better people feel, the better the people you attract and it just kind of keeps going in the right direction”.

Sideways to the Top is available in hard copy from Melbourne Books on Amazon as an e-book and on Apple iTunes.

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