Find Your Voice – Career Coaching for Professional Women

Our tailored services enable women to develop their own authentic leadership voice, create a positive leadership identity and contribute to organisational change. We support an organisation to strengthen its brand as an employer of choice for women and enhance bottom line performance through leveraging the talents and capabilities of its whole workforce.

This work flows in part from our latest book – Sideways to the Top – a book informed by the case studies of some 11 very successful women in Australia and New Zealand, together with some great commentary from a range of experts. The experiences of those interviewed, their qualities, the initiatives they took and those whose advice they respected all contribute to some strong intelligence about career building for women. We have combined the insights built in this work with our extensive array of career building tools and the wisdom of a number of our most experienced colleagues in our Find your Voice initiative.

Find Your Voice Objectives

Our coaches will:

Find Your Voice Outcomes

For the participant:

For the organisation:

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