Privacy Policy

Our discussions with individuals have to be confidential. Where we are paid by an organisation to provide services, the organisation has every right to seek feedback and measures of effectiveness. However, any feedback to the organisation about a specific individual can occur only with the individual’s agreement. This approach is fundamental to winning trust and to a full and frank dialogue in the coaching process. The information collected about each individual we work with is supplied by the individuals themselves, and we collect only such information as will help us provide a professional service.

Information obtained about individuals during assignments will not be released to any other person or organisation (such as companies, recruiters and search consultants) unless we are doing so at the request of the individual involved. Our coaching notes will be available to individual participants at any time. These notes will be kept securely by consultants during each program, and destroyed after each program, after an appropriate interval.

Materials belonging to, and information about, the organisation provided to our consultants in the context of coaching assignments relating to the business strategy, or technology, or intellectual property of the host organisation, or any information of a sensitive commercial nature, will not be disclosed to any third party. We will abide by the National Privacy Principles outlined in the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act, 2000.