When working with organisations, Macfarlan Lane’s Career Strategy Services – Transition program ensures we build a strong business partnership that enables us to deliver outcomes with a positive focus on your people.

Macfarlan Lane provides a range of confidential, tailored services for senior individuals facing career transition – moving from a current organisation to something new.  We work with CEOs, partners in professional services firms and law firms, and a range of other senior individuals, and enjoy a very strong reputation for high quality individual attention.

Senior people facing significant, mostly unplanned career change need much more than a standardised roll out of conventional wisdom.  The responses of senior individuals to a superficial, low value service can create significant damage to the internal and external reputation of a firm.

Working with us

We believe senior individuals need to work with peer level consultants, one to one (never in workshop settings) with high levels of tailoring around particular interests – such as winning directorships, landing another senior role, buying or starting a business, and building portfolios of interests.  The service should provide office facilities, extensive research resources (and research specialists), and an array of advice on social media, IT support in setting up home offices, financial advice and much more.  Most importantly, the matched consultant should have the ability to really draw out individual talents, and an understanding of markets of interest.

Service quality can and should be measured by sponsoring organisations, and we are always pleased to engage with firms to advise on how this can occur, independently and at low cost.