Our Services

We work with individuals – self-sponsored and organisation sponsored – to help them to plan and navigate their next career move.

We work with senior people; Chief Executives, Partners, Managers, Directors, Leaders in Government.  We work with private and listed companies, professional services firms, the public sector, the not-for-profit sector, Universities and Government Business and Research enterprises.

Our services include:

Career Transition

When there is no alternative but to support a move on from an organisation, we are commissioned to provide high quality, open-ended and fully resourced career transition services for senior individuals, including CEOs and Partners.  Click here for a fuller summary of what we deliver.

Career Focus

We work with people still in employment with an organisation but who have reached a crossroads. Some may have been in a role for a long time, others might have missed out on that last promotion. Usually the organisation is keen to retain the individual and wants to offer some support to best position them for the next opportunity.

Career Direction

As a person contemplates alternatives to full-time employment, possibly to a portfolio of activities, we help them achieve great outcomes, including consultancy, business start-up or purchase, directorships, and non-profit involvement. We can also support organisations to capture the person’s expertise and knowledge so it is retained via a consultancy relationship, or in new part-time roles such as directorships.

Career Intensive

We provide intensive career strategies for rising, high potential professionals. Usually over four to six sessions this work is creative – designed to create alternatives, anchored in signature strengths and aligned with business priorities. The proposals developed become the framework for subsequent discussion and improvement within the organisation.  For more, click here.

Career Intensive for Women

Our career intensives work can be used to bring about strong diversity outcomes if there is an organisational imperative to include women in senior roles, specialist services such as our Find-Your-Voice suite of programs can be especially designed for professional women.

Career Competition

Good governance, in very senior appointments, rightly requires a formal recruitment process.  However, internal candidates can often be at a disadvantage relative to external contenders.

Our coaching and guidance helps internal candidates to prepare well and with confidence, while also enabling the Board and leadership team to be confident that everything has been done to achieve a level playing field for the selection process. Our follow up coaching limits unplanned attrition (in those who are not successful) and supports a high-level engagement around the best definition of contributions in senior people.

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