Our new baby is born!

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Packed with insights – despite being modest in length.  I am referring to a book actually – born out of collaboration with a range of experienced contributors.  The book is titled: “Employer Branding – Case Studies and comments from Industry Professionals” – and is aimed squarely at HR Directors and business leaders generally, where the changing or shaping of an employer brand is of interest.

The case studies have been written by a number of HR leaders, talking about their initiatives within their own firms: Geraldine Coy (then at Worksafe), Brie Macklin (Telstra), Peter Brydon and Jenny Gillam (Kraft), Chris Lokum (BP), Alison McLeod (Ernst and Young).  There are then chapters by Jim Bailey (Bailey and Shaw – a recruitment firm), Colin Jasper and Lisa Hart (discussing their consulting experience with law firms), Tim Grogan (then of Adcorp, where employer branding was his strong focus), and of course one by Susan Moir and myself (from the standpoint of our experience of organisational restructuring).  Professor Graeme Martin of Glasgow University kindly wrote our foreword.

It really has been very rewarding, to discover a strong interest in this area in a number of people we have been privileged to work with, and then to arrange a project of collaborative writing.  The case studies are very much the real stories of insightful individuals, in a range of Australian enterprises – written in their own voice.  And the commentaries from a range of experts in their fields add very useful perspectives.

We launch the book in a seminar early in March, but you can now order the book directly from the publisher : Book Pal.  Click on the link here and go to their online “bookstore”:


I would like to acknowledge the great work by Jan Flavell, in formatting and tidying up text, and from Norah Breekveldt in this project.  Norah is one of three of us in Macfarlan Lane, who all write far too much, and furiously edit each other’s work – in a stream of short papers issued to our clients over the course of each year.