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Discussing Corporate Transitioning

Hugh Davies, Managing Director of Macfarlan Lane talks Corporate Transitioning on “The Upside” Sky Business Channel.

Departing CEOs

Hugh Davies, Managing Director of Macfarlan Lane talks about the issues facing departing CEOs on the “The Upside” Sky Business Channel.   

Fresh Fields

Fresh fields: Being laid off can be as devastating as losing a spouse. Companies that offer specialist assistance for the newly unemployed are enjoying boom times…..

Partners no more

Partners no more: After decades of climbing to the top, contemplating a career post-partnership can be terrifying.  Easing into other interests helps, but this takes time……

Discussing corporate outplacement – protecting your reputation as an employer of choice

Boardroom report: Directors have an important role to play in ensuring their organisations sustain their reputations as employers of choice in both good and bad times says Hugh Davies of Macfarlan Lane….

Transitioning with respect

Transitioning with respect: How people leave a law firm reflects significantly on its values, so firms should never negate the benefits of effective CT services….

The next step after you quit

The next step after you quit: When a Chief Executive is between jobs, it is a particularly public dilemma.  Being at the centre of power in an organisation can be intoxicating, enervating, exhausting and completely absorbing and then there is ….. a vacuum……

How effective are outplacement services

How effective are outplacement services (1): There are many levels of quality and performance to be found in outplacement services….