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Bringing about significant complex change in organisations

At a recent AHRI conference, during a day focused on the public sector, a number of speakers addressed issues involved in leading significant change. A range of insights, checklists and imperatives were provided by subject experts and various leaders. We heard of the importance of strong leadership, effective project management and of the need to

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Keeping your headcount

Keeping your headcount – Academy of Mgt Journal April 2008: Keeping your headcount when all about you are losing theirs: downsizing, voluntary turnover rates and the moderating role of HR practices. Although both downsizing and voluntary turnover have been topics of great interest in the organizational literature, little research addresses the topics’ possible relationship. Using organization-level data

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CEO’s guide to re-energising the team

CEOs guide to reenergising the team: In today’s tough and fast-changing environment, CEOs must help their top leaders to work through fear and denial and to learn new rules. When business conditions change as dramatically as they have in the past year, CEOs need to be able to rely on their best leaders to adapt

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Which way should you downsize in a crisis?

Which way should you downsize: Managers have been inundated with advice on the dos and don’ts of laying off employees. But the truth is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to downsizing.

Ensuring that restructuring and downsizing actually works

Ensuring that restructuring and downsizing actually works: One of the most common reasons why companies that downsize perform so poorly is that they often are successful at anticipating and preparing for the employees who are to be released, but they may not be prepared for the low morale and lower productivity experienced by the survivors

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Creating energy at work

Creating energy at work: This paper discusses what grows and sustains energy in people at work, and how to generate vitality and enthusiasm at work.  

Effectively guiding the transition of retiring partners

Effectively guiding the transition of retiring partners: The issue of managing the transition of partners into retirement must be handled in a sensitive and dignified way. This paper shows you how…..  

Shopping for a career transition provider

Shopping for a career transition provider: Human Resources often provides employees with a choice of career transition provider.  Find out why this may not be in the interests of the individual. There is a better way…..  

Career Resilience – the business of one

Career Resilience – the business of one: Developing career resilience is an essential competency for success in this environment of uncertainty and change. Here are some tips on how to develop it…..