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When “Bill” began work with us in a career transition service he had been the CEO of a listed, mid-sized manufacturing and distribution organisation with a strong public profile.  He had been energised by success and had worked hard; the decision by the board to replace him with a new CEO came as quite a

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How would you advise your son or daughter…

How should you as a parent and law firm partner advise a young adult looking at studying law today? A first response might be “with great caution”, because how can anyone anticipate what careers in the future will look like?  It would be very hard to draw wisdom from a past career in guiding someone

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What do good leaders do heading into caretaker mode?

Right now many government departments are moving into caretaker mode as an election looms in three eastern states.  “Here we go again…” is the feeling.  New initiatives need to be mothballed and a period of uncertainty begins. At the same time the expectation of widespread change looms as does the prospect of absorption into the

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Who’s got the Wheel?

This topic goes pretty much to the heart of what we do.  We work with, and provide resources to senior individuals as they build, navigate and adapt their careers. The challenge The past decade has seen a number of big shifts in work environments and career building: In many sectors, jobs, roles, assignments and careers

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Career Development for People and Culture Leaders

People and Culture leaders are ordinary mortals (!), and need the same mentoring, opportunities and challenges as they seek to establish for others in their own career development. Here are some of the big questions we think have a place in planning, and achieving rewarding careers in People and Culture.  These assume your aim is

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The Fertile Time between One Career and the Next

Successful careers – for some – culminate as a CEO or as a Partner in a professional services firm or as a leader in government.  Careers like these can bring great rewards at a number of levels.  However, as we all see from time to time, career success can come with costs, in terms of

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Is the tide running out beneath your career?

For many partners in professional services firms, it feels as if the tide is starting to run out beneath their careers…. Is the tide running out beneath your career

Distilling the wisdom of CEOs

Distilling the wisdom of ceos summary: IMAGINE 100 people working at a large company. They’re all middle managers, around 35 years old. They’re all smart. All collegial. All hard-working. They’re all good communicators. Which of them, when the time comes, will get that corner office?

The power of reconnection

The power of re-connection: The world of networking continues to expand. For years, people have been encouraged to build a strong, wide personal network to get information and keep connected. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and other Internet sites have made everything about this task easier than ever…..

Are you a high potential?

Are you a high potential: Leaders at your company are constantly wondering that about you, whether they own up to it or not. Here’s how to get them to answer yes.

Disrupt yourself

Disrupt yourself: Four principles for finding the career path you really want.

The many colours of success

The many colors of success: What do executives want out of life? The variety of replies demonstrates that success is a metaphor for many things, made up of different combinations of patterns, values, and ideas…..

Managing yourself – why you didn’t get that promotion

Managing yourself – why you didn’t get that promotion: You’ve been passed over for a key promotion despite stellar results and glowing reviews, what’s going on…..